The Fart Side of Global Warming

Don’t have a cowSomeone commented about livestock flatulence here and I was surprised to see that some people are actually aware just how destructive farts and belches can be. LOL, not yours dear readers – I meant more of the bovine variant.

Yes – you read right – cow, goat, and sheep flatulence (cud-chewers mostly, as porcine flatulence is nigh negligible)  is a major contributor to global warming. Here are three simple reasons how … Continue reading The Fart Side of Global Warming

Parking lots outnumber drivers 3 to 1

Parking LotWell, at least in Indiana’s Tippiecanoe County … parking lots outnumber people nearly three to one. In fact, for its 155,000 residents – this little county in the Midwest has 355,000 parking lots.

So, what is this post doing in a global warming awareness blog? Simple – parking lots aren’t as innocent as they seem. In fact, once you read below, you will find out just how much of a havoc these things can cause to our environment.

The following are 3 very important reasons why parking lots should not be taken for granted in the fight against global warming:

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Global Warming? Phfft.

I know, scandalous title there – so before you go flaming my post, please hear what I have to say till its completion.

The Times Atlas reports several changes in the Earth’s formation. Temperatures are at a high in some places and the weather is all funny in others. The sad truth is no one is laughing. The world is changing as we know it and it is irrelevant whether whose side wins the debate – it is changing whether it was because of us or because of the Earth itself. So why scoff at Global Warming?

Simple. I think we are looking at this wrong. I am going to state two simple facts that will hopefully knock your socks off and give you a fresh perspective.

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Global Warming Changed the Face of the Earth

Global Warming Changed the Face of the Earth

Due to the many changes on various bodies of water and land areas, cartographers are forced to modify their maps. Moreover, Atlas has released its new edition last Sept. 3 which shows the new face of the earth. Mick Asworth, the editor-in-chief of the atlas, mentioned that disasters will be unfolding before us and that in the near future, it is possible that famous geographical features will disappear forever. What has caused these changes to take place?

Variations of the earth’s global or regional climate over a period of time and human activities are said to be the contributing factors of these geographical changes. Continue reading Global Warming Changed the Face of the Earth

The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See

A high school science teacher has put forward a very interesting argument on Global Warming and what we, as “squatters” on this planet ought or ought not to do.

According to him, he has found a method of reasoning that will make all the arguments on Global Warming moot or useless to discuss. Interested? Unconvinced? Continue reading The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See