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I am Benj Arriola, who by education is a chemist. Received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 1993 at the De La Salle University, Manila Philippines and later or proceeded with my Master of Science degree in Chemistry majored in Natural Product Chemistry, completed 36 units and partially started on with my thesis and did not continue and has done career changes from working as a chemist in the industry, then academe, and moved on to business as part of the I.T. world. Started out selling computers, then doing software work with custom programs, desktop publishing, signs and advertising, eventually websites then Internet marketing.

Although today my profession is more of an Internet marketer, dealing more with SEO. Science and technology has always been one of my passions. All the science world has always brought in interest to learn more. And one thing that was brought to my attention is the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 movement. A lot of people are talking about GlobalWarming Awareness2007 but what is this really about?

Let me state that in the following days, I will post something about GlobalWarming and what this really is. And let me tell you that I am not a meteorologist, a climatologist, nor a astronomy scientist. I am a scientist in general and as much as I want to state references to many of the things I will talk about, some of these are just stock knowledge I have of how the environment works. Although I will still give as much citations I can give as long as I do remember the references and will try to give due credit where credit is due.

Being a person of science, I may be more detailed at times for scientific facts, but I will try to avoid that as much as possible so I could communicate better to the world. But all I can say I have been hearing about GlobalWarming and this Awareness2007 movement almost everyday. I currently live in the United States and the president, George Bush everyday talks about his support for the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 movement, as well as Al Gore in his documentary film: An Inconvenient Truth. And in this blog, I will tell you some of the misconceptions of what causes GlobalWarming based on research and how bad it really is.

If you wish to contact me, Benj Arriola, you can through benjarriola[-at-]goglobalwarmingawareness2007.com or send a fax to: +18585388539.

7 thoughts on “About This Website”

  1. I find it interesting that you say that this website is promoted by Al Gore in his movie “an inconvenient truth”. Funny…I just watched the move and have been to the website and you’re nowhere on either. As for your claims of being a “scientist” – you can make all the claims you like, but it doesn’t make it so.
    Your so-called “experts” calling the coming global crisis “alarmism” have no basis in fact and no scientific integrity. At best they and you are stooges of the corporate machines, willingly blind and attempting to make everyone else so to the planet’s destruction. The Bush Administration and all its corporate cronies think that by spreading disinformation, they can prevent any real action from taking place against them which may hurt their precious profits. Rest assured, if the crisis does occur due to people like you, the survivors of the catastrophe will remember who it was that called all of this “alarmism”.

  2. Sorry, I was just not clear.

    I did not mean Al Gore is promoting my website in anyway. He does not even know me.

    I simply mean Al Gore is promoting Global Warming Awareness in 2007.

    As for being a scientist, all I am is someone interested in science and has studied in the field of science but as again I say, I am not an expert in meteorology nor climatology. Although I am aware of the scientific method of analysis.

    I do not claim any absolute truths myself. I declare my sources and I specifically state what are only my opinions in the post I have on this website. If you have gone through every post on this website… you will see I present both sides of the story. The IPCC scientist and global warming deniers. I give the sources and I state only my opinions. Where sometimes they are leaning on either side, depending on the topic.

    I am just passing on the information not to enforce an idea. But to make the public think and decide for themselves on what they think is true or not. And make them research more as well.

    Thank you also for sharing your opinions as well.


  3. actually, i really agreed with the things you posted it. and i also believe that Global warming is not caused by man-made gases but is just natural just like what happened during the ice ages…

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