Are Animals Affected by Global Warming?

Will polar bears be endangered by global warming?All animals have their ideal habitat. Some animals live in hot areas of the earth and other animals live in cold areas. But definitely many animals cannot survive in extreme heat.

Many types of animals tend to live in certain seasons of the year due to temperature and abundance of food. And if seasonal changes affect their ideal living temperature and abundance of food, animals tend to migrate where the conditions are met. There are other animals that simply sleep when conditions are not ideal, which is called hibernation.

Since global warming is currently on going, temperature has been constantly increasing over the years, does this mean the death or extinction of some animals? Or even death of humans?

Will penguins be endangered by global warming?Animals tend to adapt when changes are not drastic. Globalwarming has been ongoing at a slow steady rate and in the past, there were periods where the global temperature was way higher than it is today, during the Medieval Warm Period and the Holocene Maximum. If history tells us that there were extremely hot periods in the past and many animals are still alive today, like polar bears and penguins that live in very cold environments are still alive today, then then should be able to live in the current global warming conditions of today and possible in the future.

Although deaths may occur, even some humans die of heat strokes, people and animals die in the deserts without shelter and there is a cooler dwelling place to live in. Loss of migratory areas due to non-ideal living conditions. But since global warming occurs at a slow rate, animals, plants and humans may be able to make appropriate precautions before it becomes deadly just like in the past.

Photo Credits: Polar bear shot by Samantha Ji and Penguin shot by Neil Smith.

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  1. Kristin, where have you been since you were born? Do you live under a rock or something? Or just in the US where we are still wondering “OMG is this real? Is it a hoax?” The reality is, almost every country except US is doing something about it. And if you want to help, good for you. But seriously. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?


  2. Very interesting. We all play the game of “survival of the fittest” – animals, people, insects, etc. Good post and nice site Benj!!!

    I recently have observed that my pet hamsters also go to ‘hibernation’ mode when we turn off the air conditioning. It’s too hot. On the other hand, when the air conditioning is turned on, WE people are the ones who ‘hibernate’ all day long. Then we work or blog at night to avoid the heat… :)

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  4. Global Warming is occurring much faster than a steady rate. there are drastic amounts of consequences, seen an unseen that are prevalent due to the rising earth temperature. Polar Bears are drowning because their ice beds are melting, giving them no place to rest and refuel. Ice beds are their feeding grounds, these animals have gone from a species that have had no conservation needs, to a population of animals that are classed as threatened and are on the verge of extinction. When one animal becomes extinct it adversely affects 15 others. Global warming is a big issue, and if the big industries don’t take a step back and have a look what they are doing to our earth, it’s going to be too late. (even for humans)- scientists believe we have 10 short years to change what we are doing.

  5. JBanko,

    I don’t think you should be critisizing Kristin, or where she’s been. Think on-topic please.

    Anyway, many animals; like the polar bears are really affected. Global warming is melting ice in the atlantic. If an polar bear went out to get food and went to far. There would be no ice to help support it. The basic meaning to this is, they are seriousely comming on the verge of dying out.

    Erica Owens
    W.K. Middle school

  6. This is a very interesting article but needs much improvement I can’t see and author or any quotes or facts or proof or sources. I suggest that someone keep this idea but do some better research.

  7. we should take action i dont think that the animals can survive much longer without help and we are the only ones who can provide it

  8. i think think this is agood which raises the awareness of the dying animal species around the world, but would do you do to help these animals survive in their natural environments

  9. I think we should help these animals… Im doing a project on them and this is so sad. i REALLY THINK THESE PEOPLE SHOULD HELP!!!!they need to stop useing animals for things and help animals have safe homes like we have safe homes their just like People and no one understands that SO we should really HELP THEM!-Kristin

  10. i think that it is us, the humans, that are causing that much problem to the animals, plants, and even us, too. STOP the pollution now and start saving our planet!!!!

  11. that polar bear is well fit ;]
    specially with that fish of his (:

  12. its just anoying how people dont care about the animals and stuff!!!!!!!!!! i mean the planet should b sooo much cleaner if we would just try!!!!!!!!!! think about your kids if and their kids and their kids!!!!!!! we have 2 do something!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP POLLUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What? This is insane! Why isn’t anyone making a big deal of it, putting it on news, and broadcating channels, EVEN KIDS CHANNELS!!! This is serious people and we need to take a stand before the world falls apart! Plus, there are also many other animals effected by it and also some that are dying off that we haven’t even discovered yet!

  14. Pres. Bush should have never withdrew from the Kypto Protocol. Incase you do not know what that is, it is an international treaty created to set goals for countries to decrease toxic emmisions. We are the only high- industrialized nation that is not in the treaty. The next president should join it for us. We all need to take a stand and starting there will help out a lot.
    I’m doing a research project on it right now and looking at all the consequences that will potentially occur in the future sickens me. And it’s bad enough now! WE are all killing the polar bears and penguins (etc.) for the actions WE make, it is not their fault.

  15. i think this site has some intresting topics and i think we should do more to save our animals and there enviorments.

  16. Polar Bears would be the most effected in Antarctica, Scientists are saying that within 30 years Europe will become an ice-age! Al Gore is saying if we don’t stop poluting, 10 years! Global Warming is very confusing and even adults don’t realise how bad it is, but we have to realise that what we are doing to our world, has to stop NOW!

  17. Hey!! its our own life! Would you like to die?? would yo like to die in 20 years? Then lets start doing something about it! we should create a knew care that do not polute and work with another energy we need to create knew things enstead of soping our world!!

  18. i love animals and i think we all have to do anything within our power to the animals and their homes even if global warmaing is not real it is better to be safe than sorry

  19. i think that polar bears should be kept at a zoo where it is really cold and they catch alot of fish.i also that global warming should be taken more seriously and our teachers should teach us ways to prevent paarents and i are sad that george bush got two terms in like to see the keyoto tready will be in effect before i reach the age of 12.

  20. i too am doing a assignment on global warming and it dusgusts me. We (humans) caused 3/4 of the pollution by burning fosil fuels. Animals aren’t being given a chance and neither is our future.

  21. i too am doing a assignment on global warming and it dusgusts me. We (humans) caused 3/4 of the pollution by burning fosil fuels. Animals aren’t being given a chance and neither is our future and people are saying this is fake? that its all made up…have they taken a look around? Have they done the research? it’s one thing to not want to know about the problems but its another thing to contribute to the problem. The world needs help!

  22. okay,
    we need something to help us. something durable and safe for the environment. we all need to take role, make some clubs or talk to your family about waste and recycling. recycling would help a lot. and maybe talk to a teacher or a professional on the environment.
    and next trime you see someone doing someting hramful to the environment, say no, put your foot down. we need all the help we can get. i am starting to recycle, and i am researching on other things we can do.
    do something!!

  23. i hate global warming. i don’t even believe in it. how do we know when or how the earth is going to be destroyed. were not GOD
    but anyway, we do need to stop wasting energy and stop releasing greenhouse gases.

  24. this is all just bullsh*t! some people are sooooooooooooo stupid!
    we should put this all over the news. we should all join forces and stop this. but instead, we are all fighting. we act like children.
    the solution is right there in our faces. but we choose to ignore it.
    especially us Americans. what will you tell our kids on the day we all end,”well, we tried, no! to think that i, a 12 year old girl is saying this, y’all adults should be ashamed!

  25. y’all are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!
    lies, i say, lies! do something about it!

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