Back to the Basics – National Geographic’s Global Warming 101

It’s been some time since my last blog post due to hosting issues and this site has been suspended, on hold for some time, which I feel has broken much of the traffic momentum this site once had. To get started again blogging, I am posting the video above from National Geographic which is a good overview of Global Warming, on what causes it. An introduction to the Greenhouse Effect, and all about Greenhouse Gases and how this can be reduced. I noticed the language was carefully written using the words:

…scientist believe it is human activity driving the temperatures up…
National Geographic – Global Warming 101
Stating it like an opinion and not a fact. But the rest of the video are said in a factual tone on what are greenhouse gases, what creates them, what are the effects on global temperature and what man-made activities create greenhouse gases. They talk about ice core data in this video but mentions the highest recorded temperature in 1998 and 2005 and does not dive into historical temperature data before recording data was made. And if you are watching this video because you are not aware of Global Warming yet, I suggest you do keep an open mind since there is this story that most people learn in school. And there is also the story that says this is all false. And there are those that tell the people that claim it is false, that they are the ones that does not have their facts straight.

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  1. I agree with you that there is alot of debate around the global warming issue. There is however one documentary that tries to educate people that the global warming issue is falsified by the evidence because as long as there is an problem, money will flow in. Here is a short summary of the documentary: “The Great Global Warming Swindle”

    I dont believe that man made CO2 is the cause for global warming, the sun is the single most important factor that drives climate change, in addition the most important greenhouse gas is water vapour (99%), the rest is other gasses, CO2 is munite in the percentage of greenhouse gas, I’m talking about in the 0.000- single digits. On top of that, if you look at the ice core surveys done, you will see that the earth’s climate has been alot warmer than it is today.

    But i do agree that money the cause that our children must live in polluted areas and neigborhoods and have respatory diseases like asthma.

    Did you know that the green movement is the single biggest factor in the world today that prevents third- world countries from developing? The developed countries wont invest in coal and oil projects in developing countries like Angola, they say that the developing world should use wind and solar power.

    Another question i would like to ask is, if we, Americans living in a first- world country find it expensive to use solar and wind power, how will poor africans be able to afford it?

    I dont see a solar panel powering a steel factory or a railway line! It might be good to power a small radio…

  2. Hi,
    I watched NG about the glaciers melting and the meme through the whole show was fear about the sea level rising, millions would have to move from the coast, but their biggest fear was, they were not sure what to do about the calving and ice sheets melting.
    Of course governments answer is to create carbon taxes.
    Then i went to the site and found where they said that plants and trees also put out dangerous gases and contribute to pollution. That blew me away.

    Anyway, I have devised a plan that would stop sea levels from rising and at the same time create more arable land, and permit people the remain on the coast line, and I am not even a college graduate.

    If they cannot stop the glaciers from melting, why not take advantage of it. There is no more or less water on the earth from the beginning. The water just moves around the globe and into the earth.

    But alas, is it not such that any scientific findings that need action, take funding, and the only funding being done is that which progresses political/corporate agendas?
    My plan would never be taken seriously as expensive as it would be, and besides, it would provide many solutions and not just a band aid.

    thank you

  3. Although not every scientist worldwide may look at global warming in the same way, they do overwhelmingly agree that the Earth’s atmosphere is getting warmer. Worldwide temperatures have risen more than 1°F (0.6°C) over the past century, and 17 of the past 20 years have been the hottest ever recorded.

  4. I just finished watching last days on earth on the history channel. Thought I would search out some global warming blogs. Either people are just ignorant or in denial. I see the changes and the obvious signs. Why can’t others? Maybe they are too young and haven’t been around long enough to be able to tell. I hope they come to their senses.

    But on the other hand people smoke cigarettes and it tells you on the pack they are deadly. Go figure.

  5. I’m concerned about my impact on the environment. I heat my home with heating oil but am worried about what this is doing to the environment. I live in a rural area of lincolnshire so there’s not much alternative to heating my home with oil except wood and LPG… but I don’t know if this is even more harmful.

    I have just found a heating oil website who offer Group Buying Days, this seems like a great way to help the environment because you can order with others which helps to keep tankers off the roads more, reducing CO2 emissions.

    I would like to see more information on the internet about the effects of heating oil on the environment. On most climate change sites I go on there are articles on gas and electric heating but little on the effects of heating oil.

    Does anyone have any figures about heating oil and ways to minimize my impact on the environment?

  6. It is indeed scary to experience the severe global warming effects. Our planet is on the verge of dying because of the incessant environmental disasters that are caused by human (most of the time) I think we can do something to alleviate the planet’s condition. By becoming a greenie (embracing green living) we could help in the cause of planet restoration.

  7. Global warming is a bunch of fucking bullshit anyone who believes in this garbage is an idiot. Oh look ken Lowe is concerned about his impact who gives a shit you fuckin faggot. Anyone who gives a shit is a faggot and stupid.

  8. Hi I’m going to call myself Jay5. I think I can tell you what is wrong with the weather, and our earth in general. True carbons harm our atmosphere and us, but that’s good news for plants. Which in case would balance out the oxygen and simply return things to normal. If there was a huge carbon spike like they’re predicting we’d simply fall asleep. The reason I disguise my name is because people have looked at me crazily when I extend my theories to them, I used to think maybe I was dumb too, until all of my predictions started to happen.

    I guess I’ll start with what started everything. Being Canadian, and a small town dweller, bumpkin if you will, I was always fascinated with the night sky. Being in small towns in the middle of nowhere with very few street lights brightened up the sky so you could literally see hundreds maybe thousands of stars with the naked eye. The milky way was a common sight to see and still is, if the light pollution is low. After being woken up during a school night by me father yelling at me to get outside, I experienced the northern lights like I never have. The entire sky was lit so bright it looked like the atmosphere was on fire, green fire. Then for about 30 seconds this little round patch above us turned pink and really started to roar. Anyway, it was a life changing experience that me and my father still reminisce about to this very day. That night gave me a huge appreciation for the northern lights.

    As I got older and was able to stay up later, I found that this occurrence, although not as spectacular, happened quite often. Around 17, 18 my friends and I, would usually have a few drinks and our conversation would drift to the sky, as well as our gaze. We’d spend a lot of nights trying to connect the dots so to speak, with the universe and our earth. Usually around 2, or 3 am. The northern lights would come out, blanketing the sky 1-3 days a week. The rest of the time it would be on the horizon, but usually far up enough to cover a good part of the sky. During one of these high school weekends we got a little loud and garnered the attention of my dad. He is a school teacher, with a crazy memory for random facts, perfect Jeopardy candidate. Anyway, he came out while we were discussing satellites, aliens, and things of that sort when the northern lights started up. That got me and my dad reminiscing, telling my friends about our night with the pink fire. When out of nowhere he said, ‘in 2002, they say we won’t even get the northern lights anymore because the poles are shifting.’ My initial thought was, we’re all screwed. Everyone laughed it of except me.

    I immediately started questioning the effect this would have on the environment as I knew it. If the pole shifts, the snow melts, floods happen, animals die from sudden change in habitat. Everyone told me not to worry, that nothing would happen. Well we haven’t had northern lights so consistent for about 5 or 6 years now, so that’s something. So the poles are shifting, what does that mean? That means the earth will be spinning at an angle it probably hasn’t spun in human history, maybe never before. So our spin relative to the sun then, is different from now, meaning the sun is shining on the earth from a different angle. So now what you have to look at is cause and effect. What would that cause? It would cause colder places to warm up, and warmer places to cool. When the earth begins to shift it will gain momentum and move, it probably rock like a bobble head before it settled into it’s new poles. The effect? Everything we’re seeing now. The days being hot for a week, and cold the next. The rocking earth wasn’t a part of my original theory, but noticing these trends starting with 2 week periods or warmth, eventually moving down to a day, and then back the other way, so that we’re at the 1 week phase as I’m writing. Another way I solidified this theory was watching the sunrise in the morning. Some days it would rise on the highway as I was driving east. Then a couple of days later it would be dramatically to the north.

    So I believe the worst is almost over. The earth is coming to a balance and in 5 or 6 years we will have inherited our new climate. The ice will have recollected at the poles, evening out humidity, and rainfall. The earth will return to normal per say, our living conditions will however change. Animals with migrate, new plants will flourish, and a few old diseases will probably be woken up from their hibernation, specifically in the colder regions that warm up. I seriously doubt that with all our technology, we pose a threat to our atmosphere. Wood being one of the most poisonous natural things to burn, it has over 3000 active dangerous chemicals that are let off when it’s on fire. This was a common heating source, not more than a hundred years ago. Think for a moment, what if today with our population still burning wood for heat purposes, what our atmosphere would look like. I have to say we’re not doing to bad. The problem lies in careless people who throw things out they shouldn’t burn things they shouldn’t. Our technology is making things more efficient than ever.

    I still remember when the rush to get onto solar power was because we were running out of oil. But they found more, deeper into the crust. When BP blew out it’s well an it went for as long as it did, I was expecting earthquakes galore. I took my concerns to the Police, but the called me a “Dumb f**k.” My concerns lied in all the pressure being let out of these wells. What is the oil naturally there for? Does it provide lubricant for our tectonic plates? Are these giant pockets of oil supporting the land above it? I think my questions were answered that night when Japan was hit. Then the follow up quakes around the world. Granted the ice on the old poles is melting and they say it’s letting pressure off the plates. But the ocean floor sank, it didn’t rise, but it could be a contribute. So yes, stop polluting with garbage. Be nice to your trees, your life depends on them. And for Pete’s sake, start questioning everything the government tells you. They consistently lie to us, and pay people to say what they want. Not so much Canada, more USA. Global warming is why we are able to live on this planet. Cold blooded creatures can’t rise from the swamps without global warming. The earth has shown us throughout history, that if it goes unbalanced, another force will balance it out. I for one think the scales are tipping in our favour, we are more able to adapt now then ever.

    Cause and effect.

    Thank You,

  9. Yeah anthropogenic global warming is a complete lie, we do live in a solar system which is a part of a galaxy, I’m sure that’s a bit more influential than us.. Not to mention all those scientists who have confirmed that the data was smeared to gain a political effect (i.e. population reduction)… Species extinctions and fluctuating weather patterns are a natural process and it’s likely that we’ve simply entered the decline of the Bird and Mammal dominated biosphere and into a new phase. It is also quite likely, if you take a thorough look at the fossil record, that the highest of those species, that has developed so far, is meant to take over the biosphere and it seems to me that it’s the human species that fulfills this role. That is, if we choose to not act like animals and be intelligent, choosing not to be mislead by falsified graphs and non-scientific generalizations. Population caps or population reduction is a desire for the extinction of the greatest creation the biosphere has been able to produce; humanity. It also is rather peculiar to me, and seems a strange coincidence, that a bunch of uppity oligarchs like Prince Philip and Sir David Attenborough are pushing this green population control garbage. I think it may be that they only want them and their families to live on planet earth so they can have their way with a bestial mankind (and also with donkeys like their buddy Bertrand Russell)… hmmm… Well according to this video and James Dwight Dana, the entire biosphere had conspired to create a species capable of cognition, and the intentional stifling of this cognitive power is going against the intended design of the creator. Maybe all this “naturalist”, “green” anti-development/anti-progress stuff is just unnatural Imperial Brainwashing…?

  10. I believe more research should be done into finding less destructiv­e ways of consuming energy and more efficient ways of eliminatin­g pollution. We only have one planet to live on and whether or not you believe global warming exists, the way most people live their lives now will drasticall­y alter the future of our planet earth. It is important for everyone on this world to take action and be responsibl­e for themselves and others to maintain the well-being of our environmen­t.

  11. Many of us heard about global warming especially for what is happening in the world today but still many are not aware of the true effects of it. Global warming is a threat to mankind as well as any other living organism. I found this blog very informative that can boost the level of the awareness of the people. Global warming concerns us and it is our responsibility to watch the mother earth.

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