Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

On April 22nd we will celebrate Earth Day. Are we really celebrating Earth Day because some guy said so? If you ask me, we should celebrate Earth Day EVERYDAY.

On this upcoming Earth Day, let us spend our time with nature and think of what could happen if one day we will no longer have any of these natural resources, and think on what we should do to keep our planet alive, for us and for our children. Sometimes we will only know what we lost when we don’t have it anymore.

As seen in the book, Earth From Above: 365 Days of Sustainable Development as found in this Earth Day 2008 Promotional Items blog, you can see the beauty of the Earth that is now slowly being destroyed by our reckless usage of our Mother Earth’s resources, as well as authoritative text exploring current issues of sustainable development affecting the world: global warming, poverty, and biodiversity among them. I think it is a good book to read and share to everyone.

We can celebrate Earth Day everyday by not doing the following:

  • Waste Electricity, Water, Food.
  • Using old non-eco friendly materials.
  • Not reusing reusable items
  • Throwing garbage everywhere
  • Not replacing any consumed natural resource

If possible use Eco-Friendly products as much as possible. This way we can, in our little way, help our planet from turning into a dead wasteland.

Here is an excerpt from an inspirational speech by Former US President John F. Kennedy:

…our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.

(This is a guest post by Alfredo Palconit, Jr., a Web Designer, Search Engine Optimizer and Blogger from the Philippines)

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Earth Day Everyday”

  1. My first comment seemed to not be here, hemp grown for industrial purposes is important for many reasons. One acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as four acres of trees. USA does not want this plant grown on an industrial level simply because it would cut into the profits of the oil industry, alcohol industry, and pharmacutical industry.

    George Washington grew hemp, Ford used hemp and wanted to fuel the Ford vehicles with fuel made from hemp. If these men were alive, the DEA would bust them for being a terrorist, drug dealers. How rediculous.

    Hemp is simpy good for the environment, save a tree and plant hemp.

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