Creative Advertising for Global Warming Awareness

Advertising can be a powerful tool, companies use it as a marketing medium. Politicians use it for blatant to mild campaigns. I have heard this many times from sales people: People are emotional buyers. They could be quoting some famous marketing guru I may not be aware of, but yes, I believe that is how many people are. And when an ad hits the emotions of people, it becomes more powerful.

Below is an ad touching the emotions of people to think of our innocent children of the future generation. And the life they may live if global warming will be a major problem of the future. Thus pushing us to take action today.

The next ad below is against movements trying to stop emissions of CO2 or carbon dioxide. Stating that it is a part of our lives and provides many of the conveniences in life. And basically plant life needs CO2 for them to live and exist. Which in return emits the oxygen we breath.

2 thoughts on “Creative Advertising for Global Warming Awareness”

  1. Hi,

    The 1Sky Campaign is interested in placing a link and/or advertising on your blog. I have included background information and our platform below. Please contact us if you have any questions or would be willing to add the 1Sky information to your site.

    The 1Sky Campaign is an organization working to pass meaningful national climate change legislation by uniting Americans behind a clear vision and simple platform for solutions that rise to the scale of the climate challenge we are confronting. It has been borne from the collective urgency and determination of leaders throughout the country. Three streams of strong public demand converge under 1Sky: the movements for climate solutions, energy independence, and economic security – all of which require a bold new direction to a clean and secure energy future.

    The 1Sky Platform:

    Mobilize America for Solutions: Create 5 million green jobs conserving 20 % of our energy by 2015.

    Secure our Future: Freeze climate pollution levels now and cut at least 80% by 2050 and 20% by 2020.

    Transform our Energy Priorities: No new coal plants that emit global warming pollution. Invest in renewable energy.

    Amanda Duzak

    Amanda Duzak
    (301) 257-9319

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