Global Warming? Phfft.

I know, scandalous title there – so before you go flaming my post, please hear what I have to say till its completion.

The Times Atlas reports several changes in the Earth’s formation. Temperatures are at a high in some places and the weather is all funny in others. The sad truth is no one is laughing. The world is changing as we know it and it is irrelevant whether whose side wins the debate – it is changing whether it was because of us or because of the Earth itself. So why scoff at Global Warming?

Simple. I think we are looking at this wrong. I am going to state two simple facts that will hopefully knock your socks off and give you a fresh perspective.

Fact number one: Life on earth is very adaptive and extremely persevering.

Oxygen is a very volatile and very toxic substance (it’s an excrement gas resulting from photosynthesis in plants) – and yet here we are breathing it. Water is a very strong solvent that can carve stone and dissolve almost anything – and yet fish live in it and we actually need it to survive. Almost all forms of weather that we can find on the planet can support life. There are tundra ecosystems, desert ecosystems, etc. Recently, scientists discover new species living undisturbed under the ground in Israel. There are even reports of the vampire squid, able to breathe oxygen in the OMZ (oxygen minimal zone) – a habitat almost devoid of oxygen.

Life as we know it has persistently permeated and adapted to its environment. Sure, a lot of species die out every year – but more species move to fill in their place in the grand scheme of things … the circle of life if you will. So even if you kill off ALL the living things on Earth, life will somehow find a way to get back up and repopulate the globe in one form or another.

Fact number two: We humans are not as important as we think.

We often view ourselves as the saviors of this planet. We see ourselves as ultimately important in the continued existence of life on this globe. We aren’t. Biblical scholars will agree with me when I say that humans were entrusted with being caretakers of the planet – but our main function according to Christianity is fellowship with the Creator – not making sure all life goes on upon the Earth. So even if we all die out because of our own abusive treatment of the planet, the world will not stop turning because of it.

So, why be concerned with Global Warming? Why take action? Global Warming? Phfft. Life will still go on … even without us. Let the cockroaches rule the Earth, right?

 Disclaimer: The above post is the opinion of the blog poster/author Peter Porker and not the opinion of this blog or any of its affiliates and other authors.

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  1. The Problems with the Man-Made Global Warming Argument

    In order to scientifically or mathematically prove that man is causing global warming and that we need to listen to this latest of causes, it is not the amount of data or the so-called “consensus” that has any logical impact. Only logic can have logical impact. That is what is sorely missing from the global man-made global warming argument, which has become mostly political in recent years.
    Any person with logical reasoning capability must analyze cause-effect, logical linkages and other factors to come to their own decision. Having analyzed these factors I cannot in good conscience give credence to the man-made global warming argument, and in fact believe it to be a purely political tool these days.
    First there must be proof that the climate on the planet Earth has warmed significantly in a short period of time. The warmth and coolness of the earth is measured using temperature. In this case, a “Global Temperature” average must be used. Since the “Global Temperature” as reported in the U.N. Climate Change panels is based on only 20 years of temperature measurements which do not take into account various altitudes and climates, and the rest is extrapolated to obtain hundreds of years of “make-believe” temperatures, no such proof of warming exists. Add to that the fact that their estimate is only half a degree increase in 100 years, using this skewed and unreliable data, and you find that there is not a single basis in fact that the Earth has indeed warmed, or that the warmth has been significant. Even if the measurements were scientifically and dutifully taken over the past 100 years, taken at different altitudes and climates, as well as in different settings (urban, suburban, rural, wild and over water), which they were not, the change is not significant. A significant change would be several degrees.
    Second the change would have to be linked to carbon emissions by mankind. Being that there has been no significant change proven, and that it has been measured that volcanic eruptions, cattle, animals and other factors release more carbon into the atmosphere than mankind, such a link has not been made. Also no proof that carbon increase affects global temperature has been offered, only rampant speculation. The time period used for the measurements, including the extrapolations beyond the last 20 years of “reliable” data, is the only time period in which western society has known the world was not flat, and known of the western hemisphere, so we have no reliable reference to determine what temperatures were like before the west was settled. Add to that the U.N. chart of extrapolated global temperature showing that the period of the 1600s was exceptionally cold, a “little ice age” as some called it, and we may be on a normal warming curve, if indeed there is warming.
    Third all factors must be taken into account. If indeed the Earth is warming, of which there still is not enough proof, then we must look at all causes, not using a bias of just one. Volcanic activity, the “wobble” of the Earth’s rotation, solar activity, the rise of large cities made of glass, concrete, glass, metals, asphalt, deforestation and other factors have not been included in the calculations made by the U.N. commission and other man-made global warming theorists, but have instead been dismissed out of hand.
    Fourth there must be proof that catastrophe and not a boon will result from climate change. Wild theories by some that the Oceans will raise eighteen to twenty-four feet within fifty years are not scientific or accurate. In fact, there has been no natural calamity or increase in ocean levels as a result of temperature increases claimed, yet not proven. Hurricanes have not increased in frequency or violence. Water shortages have falsely been linked to global warming rather than calmly looking at increasing population and water usage in affected areas, so claims of droughts and such need to be retracted until proven to be caused by this so-called global warming. Fires seem to occur in the same areas as they have in the past, though people live in those places now so they are more widely reported. Claims of polar bear population decreases have been found to be wrong. In essence, there has not been a single negative factor reported which has been successfully linked to global warming.
    And finally, the motives of those who are espousing this theory must be examined. This is the sole tactic repeatedly used to attack those who have more reasonable and less dogmatic views on global warming. But those who make claims that Global Warming is false and a political tool often have nothing to gain. In the case of Climatologists, notoriety, grants and other financial boons, fame and the like are great motivators…so much so that they have sponsored “the sky is falling” theories of global warming, cooling, warming, cooling, etc… for over 100 years. Politicians have obvious reason to endorse such theories, whether to get elected, tax to provide programs they espouse, to avoid being attacked by fanatics or to make $100,000 per speech as they ride private jets around the world or make outlandish “documentaries”.
    All of these factors must be examined before giving credence to man-made global warming theory. None have been, and instead political entities like the U.N. have used bandwagon propaganda techniques like this so-called “consensus” as their latest tactic. They refuse to listen to counter arguments and label those opposed as fanatics, when they are very fanatical in their theories, even proposing taxation of every man woman and child in industrialized nations (excluding China of course!). There has been no logical and well thought out link made between man and global warming. There have been outrageous predictions of impending catastrophe used for political and monetary gains. And there has been a lot of political talk and money changing hands. This is not science. This is not logic. This “Man-Made Global Warming” theory shows all signs of political propaganda, without facts to back it up.

  2. .I am a firm believer in Jesus as our Messiah. I also believe what God’s word says. I believe God’s word says that global warming will not only inevitably occur, but that it will intensify. Take Revelation 16:8 for example: The fourth Angel poured his bowl on the sun: Fire blazed from the sun and scorched men and women. Burned and blistered, they cursed God’s Name, the God behind these disasters. They refused to repent, refused to honor God. (Revelation 16:8-9, The Message)

    I am positive that this refers to global warming.
    However, when I read Revelation 21:1-2, I realized that we will live here on earth forever:

    I saw Heaven and earth new-created. Gone the first Heaven, gone the first earth, gone the sea. 2I saw Holy Jerusalem, new-created, descending resplendent out of Heaven, as ready for God as a bride for her

    Global warming is a sign of the end times. And while we try to fight it, it will happen anyway. However, those who believe in Jesus as Messiah will live here forever, because Earth will be renewed and ready for life again.

    I agree on one point with Porker, that we should concern ourselves more with serving the Creator than freaking out about global warming, because I believe nothing we do will reverse it. Whether it was caused by man (which is hardly possible) or by nature, global warming has hit a spiral where it all gets worse from here. So don your sunhats, shades, and sunscreen, and get a generator for your A/C, because it’s going to get HOTTTT!

  3. I agree with you Nate, I to also believe that God’s plan for the planet earth is to destroy it with fire. The purpose, to bring men to repenance. This is more fully explained in Michael wilcocks book ” The message of Revelation” in the bible speaks today series. this is a good read.

  4. ?December ?26, ?2011
    Welcome to a new world of sharing ideas with one another; man kind is facing a more incrising bad weather parterns. To realize that is to late to make a diference, on what is happening. We need to colaborate on safe areas to move to, avoid loses and casualty. Higer atmospheric pressures due to higher heat levels will create stronger, faster wind gusts.Ocean tide will rise and start to cover areas that are at sea level,water will not go away.Earth quake, zunamee equals higher sea level.
    So far all this actions are design to kool down the earth core tempeture {u normally cover something with water to kool it down!!!!} if tempeture keep increasing, then volcanos will release the internal pressure of the core { like safety valves on a boiler } what can we do? before u perrish.

    A simple observation , logical evaluation and a racional solution !!!

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