GlobalWarming Awareness2007 talks about Anthropogenic CO2. It is the real cause of Global Warming?

Anthropogenic CO2 is manmade carbon dioxide where many global warming scientist are claiming to be causing global warming. This is caused by the Greenhouse Effect where you can read more about the greenhouse effect here. And I have mentioned in my previous post which was based off the documentary video The Great Global Warming Swindle. That global warming is not due to manmade or Anthropogenic CO2, as expressed in 5 arguments.

Thanks to all those who have placed in the their comments and those that dugg the story, and for those talking about several typographical errors which I believe I may have not corrected all of them yet. But thanks and I appreciate everyones help in spotting those and I have barely had much time to work on this site full-time.

But what really caught my attention was the comment of Simmons. He mentions:

Tim Ball does not know what he is talking about. He completely misunderstands how the atmosphere works.

Along with a link to his blog. He has some good research and several valid points. I was intrigued in looking for a complete video online of the Al Gore produced documentary An Inconvenient Truth, but was not able to find any, but one of his speeches are online.

He has a impressive presentation. And while searching this video, another video came to my attention by The Internet Skeptic. Initially, their website looks real cheap. Their presentation looks cheap as well. But there is one thing I was impressed with was with all the research he has done. It seems very comprehensive and as searched out his resources very well. On his website he gives the presentation available for downloading and in his presentation file, the resources he has referenced too are hyperlinked within his presentation.

I actually have shown you two videos that actually contradict each other. Although I may have my own personal views, I am not giving no absolute truth statements on what I believe is true. And for you, the reader/viewer, should have the responsibility to think and choose what do you think is right? But read well, watch well, listen well and do more research on your own, before you start to say what you believe in.

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