Introduction to GlobalWarming for this Awareness2007 movement

GlobalWarming Awareness2007 in simple layman’s terms

Basically GlobalWarming is the constant increase of global temperature worldwide. And when the global temperature increases, polar regions heat up causing more ice to melt making sea level increase. So what dangers do these cause?

The claimed potential dangers of GlobalWarming

Since the main danger of GlobalWarming is the melting of ice in the polar regions, the real claimed danger is not the increase in temperature to a point it’s to hot to live on earth, but the more potential threat of melting polar regions causing the two main problems:

  1. Increase of global sea level will literally sink lower level land and decrease land that is inhabitable by humans and other terrestrial living things.
  2. The melting of the polar regions could cause a big chunk of ice that is so large, as big as buildings, or even small islands, get chopped off on some weak point in an icebergs structure and when this chunk falls or even simply separates can cause a large catastrophic wave in the sea that are so big and can travel very large distances. This will now be a tsunami that can wipe out whole countries or large portions of them for large countries.

I guess two influential movies in the past that help support this idea were:

  1. Waterworld [1995] – Main actor was Kevin Costner and also co-produced by him which supposed to be in the future setting when GlobalWarming has caused the increase of ocean levels and only a small amount of land is left. This also takes into account Darwinian theories of evolution where humans are slowly adapting to environmental changes causing development of gills and webbed hands and feet. More information on Waterworld at Wikipedia and IMDB.
  2. The Day After Tomorrow [2004] – I guess this is the most recent GlobalWarming Awareness movie to date that worked as an eyeopener to the catastrophic effect of global warming. And this still affects the today, awareness2007. In this movie, a chunk of the northern arctic region is chopped off due to climatic changes in a sudden increase in temperature which causes a large tsunami in areas near Greenland that eventually hit the United State eastern coast which is the setting of the movie, in New York, and this sudden large tsunami is so great it gives a sudden temperature drop and drastic climatic change triggering thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes an ultrafast freezing. [Please note more accurate account of movie in the comment below by a certain dug.] This also attempts to explain how there are several fossils of frozen mammals positioned in such daily actions with eyes opened. And the only way this could have happened is due to a fast a quick freezing during their time. More information on The Day After Tomorrow on: Wikipedia, IMDB and the official website.

Now that you have an introduction on what GlobalWarming is and you now know what this GlobalWarming Awareness2007 movement is. But don’t stop reading there. There is more about the whole story that you really do not know about. Coming on this blog are:

Check this out again tomorrow. Learn more about GlobalWarming Awareness2007 and I am telling you, this is not really what some may be expecting. And if this opens up the light for you, I suggest you help me spread the news and link to this website.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to GlobalWarming for this Awareness2007 movement”

  1. Did you not pay attention to “Day After Tomorrow?” The melting ice caps put more freshwater into the ocean, altering the salinity of the water, changing the way the currents moved. THIS affected the water temperatures worldwide, causing the change in weather patterns and creating the cold storms that froze everything.

    Tsunamis didn’t change the temperature. And you can’t scare people into believing global warming. This is only one THEORETICAL outcome of warmer global temperatures…

  2. Very true Dug, thanks for clarifying how the movie went. And I will place a note in the story.

    And please also note that I am not scaring people and you will see as this blog progresses the stories might actually change. As I will present to sides of the stories.

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