Little Ways to Spread Global Warming Awareness

Global warming is a real threat whatever its causes are.  Most say it’s too much CO2 in the air and some say it’s the sun.  To me, I think it’s a combination of different factors.  Perhaps there are certain things that we can’t control but there are those that we can.

One thing we can do is to help spread awareness about global warming.  There are many ways to do so and we can start with our own homes.  I remember my wife telling our maid not to burn rubber.  I keep on telling my kids to recycle what can be recycled.  I myself wasn’t spared from being lectured as I remember a good friend calling my attention when I threw a paper airplane and just left it on the ground.

Another good way of spreading awareness is to make use of current events that are either directly or indirectly linked to global warming.  One such issue is the current global rice shortage.  I personally use it to tell my kids how global warming resulted into drought and eventually into this worldwide calamity.

If you want to take things a bit further, you can also start your own earth awareness blog and post your thoughts and ideas there.  Blogging is an effective tool in spreading the word worldwide and so we must all use it.  Joining online communities is another.

By know, I’m sure you already know that there are many ways to spread global warming awareness.  Sometimes it just needs a little imagination.

6 thoughts on “Little Ways to Spread Global Warming Awareness”

  1. Hi there, I am a polar bear living in the Artic. My wife and I have been having trouble with this global warming issue. I love your blog, and I think that its raising a lot of awareness, but you should write about whats happening to the polar bear population.

  2. Everyone’s talking about their carbon footprint. It’s led to a now acknowledged emotional disorder in people who’s carbon footprint is too small. They’ve begun to feel inadequate.

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  3. Trees are the lungs and oil is the blood. The more oil sucked out the more the earth wobbles. according to Her Holiness Hehpsehboah A. In which I have followed her global prophecies and forecasts for the past 8 years, In which that have been completely accurate on a daily basis as I see them come about. Global warming is a sham and will make billions, It is not warming. in fact it’s doing the opposite, where it’s cold, it’s warm, where it’s warm. it’s freezing. like we have never seen before. Her Holiness speaks that the planet is in a polar shift and the more sucking oil puts it off balance, along with bombing in war and so forth. What about hail ice rain and snow in Mexico, and the middle east. how could that be global warming. But the earth’s magnetic poles shifting explains it. Especially with all this dramatic weather. Her Holiness says the earth goes through this natural cycle but it’s up to mankind how harsh or smooth the shift will be as it is taking place. Even compasses have changed due to the magnetic north and south.

  4. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Sarah Alvelo, I go to Central York High School and I am currently researching global warming and I would like to find out how to stop it. Also I would like to ask a few questions on global warming, and how I could help prevent it from getting worse. I would also would like to ask a few other questions concerning global warming. If you think that you could help me please e-mail me at Thank you for your time and your attention to the nature of this email.
    Sarah Alvelo

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