Melting Ice Berg Attraction

With all this global warming awareness promotion, about the earth heating up and the polar regions melting and the sea level going up being a main concern by many people, I just intriguingly found this video of melting ice bergs as somewhat like a tourist attraction.

View the melting ice berg video below:

Melting IcebergsFunny home videos are a click away

I personally thought of being scared when that biggest chunk of ice broke off and fell into the water.

12 thoughts on “Melting Ice Berg Attraction”

  1. Interesting posts. I have not read them all fully but have read several good books on Global Warming. Personally, I am sick and tired of our political leaders and their brigades of penpushers telling us that WE are to blame for global warming. Take the recent G8 bash, does anyone really think that they got there using ‘green, environmentally friendly’ transport. Of course not, they used the most expensive transport using the greatest pollutants – if you believe what they say. So this is another case of sod democracy, don’t do as I do do as I say and it stinks. Remember the enormous hole in the ozone layer? Of course you do, but do you remeber the pictures taken by NASA and statistics taken by many scientists showing that it was getting smaller and in fact repairing itself…..but how quick they were to hush that gem up.
    I could on, but I will save that for my alternative blog.
    Nature plays a large part in global warming, solar flares for one, a volcanic eruption also contributes as the minute dust and debris particles circumnavigate the global airways for several years.
    Ok so sea levels are rising, look back a few hundred years when the levels were higher than what they are at the present, then they dropped…….now they are rising back to their normal levels!
    Everone should know by now that the only thing any politician is good at is lying and fabricating the truth to fool you into believing it is all YOUR fault.
    Absolute balderdash and poppycock.

  2. I read your achievement on the Philippine Daily Inquirer and my congratulations to you! As I read your entries, now I am hooked! I think every blogger in the world should link up with you and continue the awareness.

    We live on borrowed times. On borrrowed lands. On borrowed space and I for one do not understand why people have to waste all these beautiful matters around us when our kids in the future are going to suffer for what we have done and what we are doing.

    Great blog, great message and just great! Congratulations!

    Rainier, Pinoy from Philadelphia

  3. the video was really very alarming.
    I salute you for your great deeds against global warming.
    I hope people who visits your site will learn a lot and be aware of the present problem on OUR environment. keep up the good work! nice site.

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