A graph of the last 30 years shows that CO2 and global temperature correlate

In my previous post yesterday, where I said the real cause of globalwarming is from natural occurrences from the sun where in when there are more sunspots, the global temperature is higher as I have also shown in the graph in my GlobalWarming Awareness2007 post here. And I have also shown you the effect of CO2 in the total effect of greenhouse gases is very minimal as I have shown in the pie chart in this post about the greenhouse effect and what it has to do with this GlobalWarming Awareness2007 movement. And thus concluding that the sun is the main cause of the globalwarming and not the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Although a comment by David in my previous post mentions:

Why did you omit the last 30 years from your graph? Because the last 30 years completely destroy your claim. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Temp-sunspot-co2.svg

Pick your conclusions to support your data, not vice versa. That’s the difference between science and propaganda.

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The Real Cause of Global Warming

As I have discussed in my previous introduction on what causes globalwarming in the previous post yesterday, as many people know it is Carbon Dioxide or Co2. And this is also what I have known since a grade school student where our teachers say Co2 from all these pollution sources destroy the atmosphere (obviously confusing it with CFCs that destroy the ozone layer which is totally a different story on this globalwarming awareness2007 issue.)

After some time you learn more, and I eventually became a chemist as my first profession. As many results in the past tht have been recorded, it has shown that there is not a direct relation between Co2 and global temperature as I have mentioned in my previous post. But based on other data, there seems to be something else responsible for the GlobalWarming.

In the article by Robert Britt on Space.com entitled: Sun’s Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming has explained that the there seems to be a direct correlation between the sun’s activity and global temperature.

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What Causes GlobalWarming: The Truth And The Lies

The GlobalWarming Awareness2007 I believe has been over sensationalizing this topic. Being a person who was interested in science, way back in the late 1980’s people were talking about the ozone layer depletion, which for the unfamiliar, it is nice to set clear early that the ozone layer depletion and global warming are two different things. And I guess the only thing that makes them similar in anyway is that the harm is coming from the sun. I will deal with ozone layer depletion later on and lets stick with what causes global warming.

The main cause of GlobalWarming is what is known as the Greenhouse Effect. In my attempt for the simplest way to explain it, it goes this way:
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Introduction to GlobalWarming for this Awareness2007 movement

GlobalWarming Awareness2007 in simple layman’s terms

Basically GlobalWarming is the constant increase of global temperature worldwide. And when the global temperature increases, polar regions heat up causing more ice to melt making sea level increase. So what dangers do these cause?

The claimed potential dangers of GlobalWarming

Since the main danger of GlobalWarming is the melting of ice in the polar regions, the real claimed danger is not the increase in temperature to a point it’s to hot to live on earth, but the more potential threat of melting polar regions causing the two main problems:
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Welcome to GlobalWarming Awarenes2007

We will have various articles and resources on GlobalWarming where we feel initiative to do this Awareness2007 movement to empower the people with knowledge on how to prevent possible catastrophy in the future. Our goal is to spread the news worldwide within 2007 to as many people as possible.

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