The GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Denial Machine

If you have watched The Great Global Warming Swindle, and was 100% convinced that GlobalWarming is not due to greenhouse gases. And even not by manmade carbon dioxide and has believed this 100%, you might want to think twice. Not that I am saying what was in that video was wrong, and in this next video, I am not saying this video is right either. But I am just putting it out so people can compare and decide yourself on what you believe is true. Watch it and you decide if the GlobalWarming debate is really a scientific debate, or a political tactic.

10 thoughts on “The GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Denial Machine”

  1. The earth has warmed and cooled, man is partly responsible, but man is a biologic just like every other animal on the planet. Bring global warming on, it is good for America!

  2. Penn & Teller, when talking about Frank Luntz and push polling (not the Global Warming debate), coined the phrase “F**k you Frank!”

  3. Regardless of what your politics are or what you believe about the topic, we should be able to agree about certain things. We should agree that pursuing alternative energy is a good thing. We should agree that the climate is changing, and regardless of responsibility we should do what we to reduce our impact on it. We should agree that we can do more.

    Nice video and interesting site.

  4. I believe that you guys did a very good job on this site, especially the video, I appreciate the effort and time you must have put in this.

    Besides the point, I believe that global warming is a good thing to consider. One of the ways we would be able to try to reduce it is by closing down some of the fossil fuel burning factories, why not do it any way? It would be better for the peoples health.

  5. Who will win? The global warming deniers? Or the IPCC scientist. We never know.

    I have a firm belief in the scientist saying GlobalWarming is not caused by anthropogenic CO2, although I also think it is a two edge sword that the oil industry could take advantage of.

    And for the people that think of nothing but debates, I agree with Chino Yray. Just do something. Although what differs in my belief is… I believe it cannot be stopped, it is a natural sun cycle. What can be done is do something to prevent it from killing us. But at the rate of global temperature increase, I am confident that technology will have no problems in the future.

  6. note that there is no science at all outlined in this video again it is just more media spin and of course climate sketpic scientists don’t like the fact that oil companies and political bodies latch onto the argument, but the science is still pure as one of the foundation arguments in the skeptics view is that media, companies and political bodies should be left out side of the argument!

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