The Real Cause of Global Warming

As I have discussed in my previous introduction on what causes globalwarming in the previous post yesterday, as many people know it is Carbon Dioxide or Co2. And this is also what I have known since a grade school student where our teachers say Co2 from all these pollution sources destroy the atmosphere (obviously confusing it with CFCs that destroy the ozone layer which is totally a different story on this globalwarming awareness2007 issue.)

After some time you learn more, and I eventually became a chemist as my first profession. As many results in the past tht have been recorded, it has shown that there is not a direct relation between Co2 and global temperature as I have mentioned in my previous post. But based on other data, there seems to be something else responsible for the GlobalWarming.

In the article by Robert Britt on entitled: Sun’s Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming has explained that the there seems to be a direct correlation between the sun’s activity and global temperature.

Suncycles vs temperature

With the two graphs superimposed on each other, relating the sun’s activity with temperature on earth seem to be more related to each other compared to Co2 amount in the atmosphere. Saying that GlobalWarming is more of an uncontrollable natural occurrence from the sun where human contributed Co2 in the atmosphere is so negligible that the increases in global temperature over time could not be attributed directly due to human causes.

But If many scientist know this already, then why are people still saying it is humans that caused the increase in globalwarming? Thus doing all this GlobalWarming Awareness2007 movement? It may actually be more political in nature than scientific with all this GlobalWarming madness.

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  1. Very good point David, I will use this graph in my next post and point that out too. And try to present both sides as well as I can. And just let people decide I guess.

    – Benj

  2. Hi C5,

    I try not be biased in anyway in my replies, but this is what I have to say…

    Al Gore’s correlation charts of carbon dioxide and global temperature over time may seem to be related since they have the same shape of the graph, but I believe the CO2 graph did not occur at the same time. the CO2 graph is delayed, by 800 years.

    This shows that CO2 does not cause the temperature to rise. It is the rise in temperature that caused the CO2 levels to go up.


    CO2 levels used in the movie An Inconvenient Truth is using CO2 graphs for the Vostok ice core. Then in the recent centuries, he uses the data from Mt. Monaloa, and shows that CO2 levels shoot up. This is stitching two graphs together to show the results he wants to present.


    I do not believe his presentation is non-political.


    I am not saying Al Gore’s presentation is all wrong, I myself may be wrong myself. But I suggest before viewing the film: An Inconvenient Truth as informative and non-political, I suggest you also study it further, from:
    The Great Global Warming Swindle
    Global Warming Dooms Day Called Off
    The presentation by the Internet Skeptic

    And decide from yourself from there.

  3. The Real Cause of Global Warming

    This is not the rocket science Al Gore would like to make it! The question; What the real causes of Global warming? has a simple, uncomplicated solution. Al Gore causes Global Warming. Even if his conclusions had an element of accuracy to them, genuine people of science always submit a hypothesis, then go about trying to disprove it.

    Isaac Newton, who was able to define gravity, set a fine example. People have been working with his theories for hundreds of years without anyone objecting to any findings as
    long as they are legitimate. To question Al Gore’s theory of Global Warming is tantamount to blasphemy in many social circles. It has all the trappings of a religion!

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