Top 5 Points by Bill Butler on The Great Global Warming Swindle is itself a Swindle

Followers, readers of this blog may have already seen the full video of The Great GlobalWarming Swindle which within this video gave rise to one of my most popular post in this blog, where majority of my traffic is still from people going to the story on: 5 Good Arguments Why GlobalWarming is NOT due to Man-made Carbon Dioxide. Although I do not know much about Bill Butler, what his background is, but he seems to be a good researcher or many science topics as shown on his website named: Durango Bill.

He stresses out several points where The Great Global Warming Swindle documentary has several mistakes. After reading his post, The Great GlobalWarming Swindle is itself a Fraud and a Swindle. I took a close look at what he wrote.

  1. Bill Butler Debunks the graph on temperature records
    He shows two graphs of temperature changes over time, one used in the video and one from a graph obtained from NASA. I may not agree with him here saying the last 20 years was excluded so the conclusions are false. I believe the main point in the video here was to show that there was a temperature drop even if CO2 levels were perceived to increase due to the industrial boom after world war II in 1945.
  2. There is no delay in CO2 gas levels with observed temperature change.
    I have to agree with Bill Butler here. As he presented two graphs from RealClimate and also from Wikipedia, they do both seem to correlate very well. Although the time graduations are in quite large increments, they still done seem to have any lag. Although there may be some portions of the graph where it seems temperature comes first before CO2 levels change accordingly, there also seem to be areas where CO2 levels come first then temperature.
  3. Sunspot and Temperature Correlation Omits the Last 30 Years.
    Bill Butler explained in his own way expressing that these years were omitted as the rapid rise in temperature over the last 30 years cannot be explained by sunspots. I will have to agree with him, although I still do believe there is a correlation between sun activity where sun spots is a good measure of this and the global temperature. And the big increase in temperature over the past 30 years may be due to something else. And perhaps yes, CO2 levels. I believe both have effects on global temperature, now my question is which one is affecting global temperature more greater in current day life? I posted about this already last March 29, 2007 on A graph of the last 30 years shows that CO2 and global temperature correlate.
  4. Inaccurate depiction of the Medieval Warm Period.
    Two graphs are shown in Bill Butler’s explanation. A reconstructed graph on Wikipedia using actual scientific data. And the graph used in the documentary movie. In my opinion, although the Medieval Warm Period does seem to exist in either graph, the documentary graph stresses that the Medieval Warm Period has temperatures way higher than current day temperature. And that does not seem to be the case. Props again to Bill Butler on this.

Bill Butler has even more to talk about, on the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 stuff going on. And I believe it is better to read his post in full as well. Being someone I guess who felt the urge to be social responsible, he event sent a complaint to the UK’s Office of Communications (Ofcom) since this documentary was aired in UK television and wrote:

Dear Sirs:

While I am not a citizen of the United Kingdom and did not see the original “Channel 4” broadcast of “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, the program has been widely posted on the Internet via (where I first saw it), Google Videos, and subsequently via several dozen “pirate” postings.

I understand that there have been multiple formal complaints filed in regard to the broadcast. I am not familiar with the specific UK broadcasting regulations that have been violated, but I would like to file a complaint that the claimed data and observational assertions made in the program are in fact false and fictitious. In any scientific investigation you are allowed to “interpret” real data/observations, but if you falsify the source data you are willfully misleading other people into potentially believing these falsified observations. In turn erroneous governmental/industry policy decisions may be based on this false data, and public acceptance of these false observations may lead to decisions that are misguided and wasteful of taxpayer funds.

I have outlined some of my observations on the misleading/fraudulent data regarding the “pseudo-documentary” at a web page titled: “The Great Global Warming Swindle” is itself a Fraud and a Swindle

In an effort to try to stop the worldwide dissemination (via television in other countries, the Internet, DVD sales, etc.) of what I regard as fraudulent/dishonest material, I ask that you force Channel 4 (and any other directly supervised parties) to publicly apologize for presenting the program and force them to state that the presentation was not based on factual data.


Bill Butler

As of current press time, I am contacting Mr. Bill Bulter to get even more information on his ideas as well as possible getting an interview on what he things on other matters on GlobalWarming.

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  2. @Paul

    Thanks. So what really is SPI? Are you a multi-level marketing company?


    You have a pretty impressive blog yourself. Good photography.

  3. I wouldn’t justify the distortion of the facts on the side of the skeptics anymore than I’d excuse the distortion of the science and of the opinion of the scientific community by the people wanting to up-end the economies of the Western world who are on thin ice in more than one way!

    Great blog though!

  4. My own angle on global warming is essentially this. If you look at historical records this planet has been hotter & colder before. I believe there are several long term weather cycles at work, and this is natural for the planet.

    But what I think is not natural is the rate of change of temperature and I believe this has been aided by man made CO2.

    My two cents :)

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