Watch Discovery Channel on Global Warming Coming Soon

Discovery is now coming up with Global Warming: What you need to know with Tom Brokaw. Premiers July 16 at 9pm. Discovery Channel is known to be an authority in science. And it’s shows are well researched on with top scientist who are experts in their field of study. So their trailer seems to talk about the usual polar region, arctic circle ice melting thus increasing sea level. It would be interesting to see what direction they will be tackling. If they will talk about CO2 levels and the greenhouse effect similar to IPCC presentations, or will they also tackle sun cycles and sunspot count observations.

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There are videos on scientific claims of global warming, stating that it is not due to anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 and is due to sun cycles. Two documentary videos that support the claim that it is not human made CO2 contributing to the greenhouse effect and causing global warming are:

But there are also videos supporting the claim that it is humans causing global warming such as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and you may also watch one of Al Gore’s speeches on Global Warming here. Some people are saying that those who are proving that global warming is not due to man-made CO2, the so called global warming deniers are more political in nature than scientific as they claim to be. Whose agendas are funded by people against political figures and against IPCC changes where they try to point into the direction of the multi-billion dollar oil industrial giants. Watch the Global Warming Denial Machine on a documentary on this.

4 thoughts on “Watch Discovery Channel on Global Warming Coming Soon”

  1. the Great Global Warming Swindle has been thoroughly debunked,,2026125,00.html

    the scientific consensus ie the IPCC is

    Most of (>50% of) the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely (confidence level >90%) due to the observed increase in anthropogenic (human) greenhouse gas concentrations.

    is the consensus from
    * 2500+ scientific expert reviewers
    * 850+ Contributing authors
    * 450+ lead authors

    what qualifies you better than them?

  2. Good information. Thanks Sam.

    And yes, I have seen Bill Butler’s article. Good arguments too.

    I will also feature the other two articles you have mention.

    I am not an authority on this topic. I am just an aggregator sharing my personal opinions too. And I do not speak the absolute truth.

  3. I am interested in climate change and wonder why there is not a study looking at the internal effects of heating the planet. The surface of the earth has an up side with atmosphere and a down side which is the very ground below our feet.

    So far all of our models look only at the atmosphere and carbon dioxide which is only on one side of the surface. Example the human body generates its own heat, an extra blanket not only adds to the warmth kept in but allows the body to keep more of its own warmth in by not loosing it.

    The earth is a producer of its own internal heat, that is what I was taught in school many years ago.
    Not one of our models look at internal heating and our planet is warming faster than all the models that predict effects only above the surface.

    Heat up the planet sure the water level rises, but now try heating under the Antarctic ice not just from above and while we are at it lets look at our body again. Blood in the morning is thicker and more of a health risk until we have completed our first hour of movement and it flows more freely.

    If this same deal applies to the earth more free flowing magma below let’s talk volcanoes and plate movement with all the resulting earthquakes and tidal waves that result. Climate change and our current response, in short a joke, a monstrous joke that we will live to regret.

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