Welcome to GlobalWarming Awarenes2007

We will have various articles and resources on GlobalWarming where we feel initiative to do this Awareness2007 movement to empower the people with knowledge on how to prevent possible catastrophy in the future. Our goal is to spread the news worldwide within 2007 to as many people as possible.

Please support us and link to our site (http://www.goglobalwarmingawareness2007.com) to promote this campaign. Come back again for more information.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to GlobalWarming Awarenes2007”

  1. you have a very argument about global warming though you gave two very contradicting ideas.but i think it is better to act now, find solutions in combating glbal warming to atleast minimize the cost it would take if we are not acting.and besides it is etter to be ready than to wait for the doomsday to happen before acting.

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